To my Sisters and Brothers of United Anarchists: A Short Interview of Winfried Sobottka by Winfried Sobottka

In United Anarchists on August 27, 2009 at 5:56 am

Interviewer: „Winfried Sobottka, the articles You are writing now get a lot of support by the world´s most powerful internet-force, that one of United Anachists. How do You feel concerning that?“

Winfried Sobottka: „Of course that spends me the good feeling that my doing seems to be useful, of course that spends me the good feeling to belong to a very powerful community and to be well accepted by my sisters and brothers, too. On the other hand I feel really shabby that I am not able to write enough in American/English. Our wonderful sisters and brothers around the world, not at last those in the U.S.A. are fighting at our side against SS-Satanism very bravely and toughly, and I have to write so many things in German language that it takes all my capacities now. I feel guilty.“

Interviewer: „Don´t You think they will understand Your current situation?“

Winfried Sobottka: „Of course they do, otherwise they wouldn´t fight at our side with such a decidedness. But that is not the point. Their fathers and grandfathers have toughly fought to rescue Germany from Hitler, now they are toughly fighting for rescuing Germany from the SS-Satanists, and I am not able to proof gratefulness, that I would like to do so very much.“

Interviewer: „How could anyone help You?“

Winfried Sobottka: „I would be very glad to get support in matters of translating German texts to easy but correct American/English, that would be a very great help.“

Interviewer: „Anything else to say?“

Winfried Sobottka: „I want to thank our international Community of United Anarchists humbly down on my knees: Wonderful Sisters and Brothers, we German Anarchists would be lost without Your great help and we haven´t forgotten and will never forget our promise to You all: The fight is running in Germany at this time, but we will not finish it in Germany. We know very well that there is no other solution than the total rescue of mankind around the whole world, we all are sitting in the same boat and we all have to fight in community until our wonderful Goddess Anarchy will be the only deity on earth, until all human beings will live in fairness, peace and love. I love You!  Your winfried“


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