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German Resistance calls Democrats in all Countries to join our Fight against German SS! CDA Amsterdam, LABOUR PARTY Nottingham, Parti socialiste Marseille, PS Marseille

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Wonderful Women, dear Men!

My name is Winfried Sobottka, diploma holder in Economics, University of Muenster/Westphalia, born on 16th of July 1958 in Waltrop/Recklinghausen, German, living in Karl-Haarmann-Strasse 75, 44536 Luenen, FRG, telephone international: 0049 231 986 27 20.

That is me:


The United Anarchists of Germany accept me as their speaker, and we get support by Anarchists around the whole world, in first line of US-Anarchists, for the following mission:

We could uncover that FRG and Austria are States of crimes – of very dirty and evil crimes, concerning all parts of State´s Organization, of medias, of other organsized institutions – in short: The SS has survived the downfall of the 3rd German Empire.

We can present proofs.

Proofs for criminal doing of both German States, FRG as well as Austria, proofs for the survival of SS-Organization, too.

And so we give our best to inform public in- and outside of Germany about the horrible reality of both German States, of FRG as well as of Austria.

The earlier Polish Ministerpresident Kaczynski, informed by me about the backgrounds of the very cruel murder to the 15 years old Nadine Ostrowski of Polish descent (Nadine O., murdered in August 2006 in Wetter Ruhr), said in the year 2007 in public:

„At this time there happen very ungood things in Germany, and as in the 30th-years the European Countries don´t dare to open their mouths.“

The most important Governments in this World know about that and about other crimes of FRG and Austrian State, see, for instance, some statistics of freegermany.de, which is my main-HP (You have to click at a picture to enlarge it up to readability of numbers and characters):

April 2009, numbers by country:


May 2009, numbers by country:


June 2009, numbers by country:


September 2009, numbers by country:


There is a reason to give this blog the name Utahbeach, another blog the name Swordbeach and so on: We Germans are not able to fight down SS-Satanism without foreign help as we weren´t able to rescue Germany from Hitler and Himmler without foreign help.

Our tactical targets are:

1. To move the German People to refuse any procreation.

2. To move foreign countries to boycott German goods, to pass on touristy journeys to FRG and Austria, to prevent FR-German and Austrian investments in their countries and to give political pressure to FRG and Austria.

In the next days I will write here and on freegermany.de some articles in English.

Those of You who are able to read German texts are asked to have a look at:















Please spread all this informations! The SS-Satanism is a dangerous thread of all countries! They are the masters of deception and of perfidiousness!

Even Putin doesn´t really know whom he has taken to Russia in the persons of Gerhard Schröder and Joschka Fischer! No one can lie or deceive better than SS-Satanists, but the truth is the following: The SS hasn´t given up any of their old targets and even Putin is only a beneath-human being for them!

SS-Skulls smiled friendly at Jewish children and gave them bonbons when they sent them into the gas chambers, pretending those were shower rooms. That is SS.

With kindest regards by the name of United Anarchists

Your sincer

Winfried Sobottka, Speaker of United Anarchists in Germany, FRG and Austria.